An educational guide service for the bank and kayak bound angler

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School of Fish Guide Service is a unique fishing guide service focused on educating anglers on the wide variety of fisheries that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We couldn't agree more with the age old proverb "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Fishing can not only provide a means to feed and nourish your body but also to feed and enrich your life by helping you to connect with nature, friends, family, and peace of mind. We recognize that everybody wants to learn to fish for different reasons and we cater our lessons to the individual's desires to maximize your experience.

What kind of fishing instruction does SoF offer?

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We currently offer two forms of instruction. In cooperation with Clark College in Vancouver, Washington we offer affordable detailed classroom based instruction. These classes provide a deep level of detail on the timing of fisheries, regulations, rigging, and techniques. Our classes very in length from 3-5 sessions, typically one a week, and most include a half day in the field. Our second form of instruction are field based lessons that take place out on the water. There really is no better place to learn than out in the real world. Our field lessons provide the opportunity to develop angling skills and learn and apply knowledge on the water. Field lessons are generally kept to 3 or fewer participants in order to maximize one on one time with the instructor.
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Our field lessons and classes are focused on educating bank and kayak bound anglers. Lets face it boats are expensive! Most anglers getting started in fishing are naturally going to start from the bank. Additionally, kayak angling is one of the fastest growing segments in the recreational sport fishing industry and for good reason. Kayaks provide an affordable and flexible way for anglers to get out on the water and connect with fish.

What fisheries does SoF focus on?

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with a diversity fisheries and our focus is similarly broad and encompasses a wide variety of them. We offer instruction on freshwater and saltwater fisheries as well as a number of shellfish fisheries.

While bank and kayak fishing for iconic species like trout, steelhead, and salmon represent a significant component of our course catalog we seasonally offer a variety of other options. These include surf perch, Smallmouth Bass, sturgeon, shad, and crappie. Additionally, we provide instruction on harvesting shellfish including Razor Clam, steamer clams, Pacific Oysters, and more.

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