An educational guide service for the bank and kayak bound angler

School of Fish Guide Service offers a wide variety of field courses geared towards educating bank and kayak anglers alike. Each course will focus on one particular fishery and may even be further refined to focus on additional techniques and skills. Most courses are full day courses lasting 7 to 8 hours although some may be available in half-day, 3-4 fours. Courses can be customized to meet the student's learning objectives. If you are interested in a particular technique or fishery not listed below please contact us and we will do our best to create a custom course for you or direct you to other resources and guides that may be able to assist you.

Bank Fishing Courses

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We'll fish a local river(s) in southwest Washington. Learning objectives for the day will include covering at least two steelhead fishing techniques (float and spinner or spoon), reading water, safety, river etiquette, and deciding where and when to fish.

Season: December thru April and June thru August
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Drift fishing is an extremely effective fishing technique for salmon and steelhead. However, it is one of the more challenging fishing techniques to master. In this class we'll focus on rigging for drift fishing with both artificial lures and bait, techniques, determining where to use drift fishing, and we'll cover some tricks you can use to maximize your fishing time and minimize snags.

Season: Year-round
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Plunking is the most effective method for the bank angler to catch salmon and steelhead on the Columbia River. In this class we will cover choosing plunking locales, rigging, techniques, bait, and etiquette.

Season: June thru August
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Originating in Japan this simple form of fly fishing is perfect for the backpacking angler or someone looking to explore the beauty of trout filled streams in quiet solitude or with friends or family. In this class we will fish a small mountain stream in sw. WA. I will cover equipment, rigging, flies, reading water, and methods to increase survival of fish in catch and release fisheries.

June thru September
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Every fall southwest WA rivers fill with large numbers of Coho Salmon. These delicious salmon can be targeted using a variety of techniques. In this class we will fish a local sw. WA river during the fall. We will cover several techniques for targeting Coho Salmon including twitching jigs. Additionally, we will cover reading water, rigging, safety, and river etiquette.

Season: October thru December

Kayak Fishing Courses

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You won't find a tastier little salmon than kokanee. We will target landlocked Sockeye Salmon at Merwin or Yale Reservoirs. In this class I will cover gear, rigging, trolling techniques, safety, and help you connect with these fantastic fish.

Season: March thru August
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There are few species as enigmatic as the King Salmon. In this class we will focus on catching these large powerful salmon on the lower Columbia River. We will cover rigging your kayak, tackle, gear, techniques, safety, and how to determine where and when to fish. Kayak kings make your heart sing!

Season: August thru October
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Rainbow Trout are available year round in western Washington lakes. Kayak fishing for trout is a great way to brighten up a winter day, spend a summer day with friends and family, and put some food in the freezer. This class will focus on trolling techniques and gear, safety, and determining how and where to best target trout.

Season: Year-round
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In this class we will target crappie from the kayak at Silver Lake. Every fall thousands of crappie, bluegill, and perch congregate in certain areas of the lake. This is a great trip for those looking for lots of action as we can expect to catch several hundred fish during the day. This is a great trip for kids and non-fisherman partners as there is plenty of wildlife to see.

Season: October and November
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Riffe Lake is home to one of the few landlocked Coho Salmon populations in Washington state. In the class we will learn how and where to target these fish, tackle, techniques, and safety.

Season: February thru May
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Opportunities are available for other class subjects including:
- Smallmouth Bass
- White Sturgeon
- Searun Cutthroat Trout
- Chum Salmon
- Pink Salmon
- Lingcod/Rockfish
- Razor Clam
- Surf Perch
- Flounder
- Squid