An educational guide service for the bank and kayak bound angler

School of Fish Guide Service in cooperation with Clark College's Economic and Community Development program offers a diversity of affordable classroom based fishing courses. These courses are designed to shorten the learning curve and educate the angler on the fundamentals they will need in order to go have a safe, legal, and successful day on the water. While content of classes vary most classes cover the fundamentals including: regulations, timing of fisheries, equipment, rigging, safety, fishing locations in the region, techniques, and care and preservation of the catch. Many of the classes offered provide half day field experiences so that student's may apply what they learned and class and have the opportunity to ask questions as they arise in the real world. Additionally, material is provided to students in slide presentations that can be referenced at later dates as well as videos and other online resources. Be sure and check back often as the class catalog is updated.


Fishing for Newbies

Everybody has to start somewhere. If you have never fished or not have been fishing for a long time this is the perfect class for you. In this class I will go over the basics including regulations, fish identification, types of fishing reels and rods, knots, casting techniques, and cover the basics of several cold water (trout, salmon, steelhead) and warm water fisheries (bass, catfish, panfish) in southwest Washington and northeast Oregon. I will bring in tackle and lures and demonstrate how to rig up your gear so you can have a hands on learning experience before going out on the water.

Class Sessions: 3 one hour sessions Field Session: none
Spring Semester: Thursdays, April 7th - 21st, 2016 ; 7:00 to 8:00 PM Cost: $85 CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

Basic Steelhead Fishing

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A practical course designed for those with little or no steelhead fishing experience. Steelhead are among the Pacific Northwest’s most challenging fish to catch and often referred to as “the fish of a thousand casts”. The learning curve for this fishery is steep. This course aims to reduce that learning curve by providing basic information and instruction on techniques and gear needed to successfully connect with these enigmatic fish. This class will focus on steelhead fishing in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon rivers. We will cover the biology of the species, timing of runs, and a primer on navigating the complex regulations surrounding this fishery. Techniques we will cover in this class include bobber, drift, spinner/spoon, and plunk fishing. This class will combine digital media with hands on in the classroom and field education training to help connect you with the silver ghost that haunts our region’s rivers.

Class Sessions: 5 one and a half hours sessions Field Session: 1 half-day on a local sw. WA river
Spring Semester: Thursdays, May 12th - June 9th, 2016 ; 7:00 to 8:30 PM Field Session will be held June 4th sunrise to noon. Cost: $199 CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

Introduction to Kayak Fishing

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Kayaks provide an affordable means to access a wide variety of fisheries at a fraction of the cost of powerboats and are easily transported on most vehicles. Explore selecting the right kayak for you, rigging a kayak for fishing, safety, kayak fishing tackle, and fishing techniques. Learn about several kayak fisheries located in the region suitable for the beginning kayak angler and apply that knowledge in a half day kayak fishing trip on local waters. Students will need to provide or rent a kayak for the field class but a kayak is not required to enroll in the class.

Class Sessions: 5 one and a quarter hour sessions Field Session: 1 half-day on a local lake or river sw. WA or ne. OR
Spring Semester: Thursdays, April 7th - May 5th, 2016 ; 5:45 to 7:00 PM Field Session will be held April 30th sunrise to noon at a location to be determined. Cost: $99 CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

Basic Bank Fishing for Salmon

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The Pacific Northwest is synonymous with the word "salmon". These enigmatic fish can be pursued the whole year as the region hosts a wide diversity of salmon species with variable runs entering our river systems throughout the year. Learn how and when to target these species from the bank. In this class I'll help you navigate the complex regulations of these fisheries, timing and size of runs, tackle and techniques for targeting the five species of salmon that can caught in our waters, instruction on how to fight and land these powerful fish, and processing and care of your catch. This class will combine detailed handouts made available in digital form with hands-on learning in class as well as a half day in the field.

Class Sessions: 5 one and a half hours sessions Field Session: 1 half-day on a local sw. WA river
Summer Semester: Dates, Times, and Costs to be determined.

Tenkara Fishing: A Simple and Portable Approach to Fly Fishing

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Developed centuries ago by commercial trout fisherman this simple form of fly fishing is gradually making a foothold in North America. Using lightweight collapsible fishing rods this fixed line (that's right no reel!) form of fly fishing provides a highly portable way to connect with trout and other fish. If you enjoy simplicity, fishing small streams full of hungry small trout, backpacking and fishing, exploring streams not fished by few people if anyone then tenkara might be the sport for you. In this class I will cover tenkara equipment, knots, deploying your tenkara rod and line, casting technique, and how to land fish using a rod without a reel. In addition, I will demonstrate how to tie a traditional tenkara "kebari" a simple pattern easily tied without a vice and effective at catching trout in our Pacific Northwest creeks and rivers. This class will combine classroom education followed by a half-day in the field experience.

Class Sessions: 1 half-day session Field Session: 1 half-day on a local sw. WA river or creek
Summer Semester: Dates, Times, and Costs to be determined.